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Do You Have Any Questions?
Our Naturalcare Pest Control specialists get a lot of questions about insects, mosquitos, termites and rodents treatment options when they’re out and about. So we have listed a few of the most common ones below:
Is this treatment safe for my family and kids?
Yes! Our treatments focus on exclusion to keep pest from even entering your home as well as creating a safe barrier around your home to keep unwanted bests away. We use the highest rated prodcust availabe that are safe and pose no harm to people or belongings found in the home.
Will my pets be affected by the treatment?
No – our treatments pose no harm to pets, but please let us know if pets will be present during our visit.
One Time vs. Recurring Service
A one time service is great for a quick and easy fix to your pest problems. We include a 30 day warranty that covers any treated pest.

To avoid problems and to break the cycle of pest entering your home we offer recurring service. We offer very low monthly plans that offer you the piece of mind of year round protection. This comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we come back anytime between our regular visits if any issues arise.